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The Art of Fermentation

Since 2012, McVicker Pickles has been making top-notch pickles, mustards and preserves for the San Francisco Bay Area. Born and raised in Kansas, founder Kelly McVicker makes updated versions of time-tested recipes, mixing things up while never losing sight of what makes the classics tick. (We could throw around a bunch of buzzwords like artisanal, hand-crafted, bespoke, small-batch -- but ugh, so hacky, right?)

From spicing your brine to canning your carrots, to making the freshest cocktails, our classes are informative and fun as hell.

2962 24th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110
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The Art of Fermentation
$70 /person
Mustard Madness
$55 /person
Make Farm-fresh Cocktails
$70 /person
Make Jams & Jellies
$75 /person
The Art of Pickling
$70 /person
Pickling with beer and booze
$70 /person
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