Use cases

Personalize your perfect perk stack with Allowances, Rewards, and Peer to Peer balances. Combine that with the products & services your team wants and watch the company culture magic unfold.

The ultimate perk

We’ve reimagined employee perks from the ground up to create a solution that’s equally powerful and easy to use.
on Any product

Fitness & health

Re-center with a meditation app, find your zen at yoga, or sweat it out on your Peloton.
on Fitness & health


Empower your employees to support the causes they care about. Browse our charity catalog here.
on Charity

Bonuses & rewards

Reward a teammate for a job well done, as a part of their review process, or just because.
on Any product


Your employees are your greatest asset, and education is the gift that keeps on giving. Win-win.
on Education

Food & drink

No more complicated group orders, passing around the corporate card, or waiting for reimbursements.
on Food & drink

Birthdays and anniversaries

Bad memory? No biggie. Set up automatic rewards for your team's special days.
$50/ Birthday
on Any product

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