Community and Culture Manager

How The HOTH uses Zestful to help their employees feel healthier and happier with personalized wellness perks

When The HOTH—acronym for Hittem Over The Head—was exploring ways to offer better health, fitness, and wellness options to their team of 40 SEO and marketing experts, they found that Zestful was the right solution.
“Before we used Zestful, we had another wellness program that was really complicated. People weren't using it. With Zestful in place, we went from 3 options to more than 200, and almost everyone uses their stipend in ways they want—not just how we’re telling them to.” –Ali Luft, Community and Culture Manager, The HOTH

With a monthly $50 allowance, employees appreciated the sentiment behind their original wellness stipend. Engagement hit a wall, however, when the one available spa, gym, and yoga studio available to employees simply became too limited for their growing team.

After implementing Zestful for their wellness stipend, The HOTH gained the ability to provide their team with a longer list of more useful and accessible wellness options, including everyone’s local favorites. Plus, they were able to eliminate manual reimbursements in the process.

“One of our team members—notorious for being a skeptic—told me that Zestful is, quite possibly, the 'best perk program he's ever seen in the universe."

Bonus: Offering Zestful to prospective hires sets The HOTH apart in a competitive market. “When I speak with candidates and tell them we offer Zestful, and share what’s available in the catalog, their eyes get big and excited”, Ali says. “Implementing Zestful has been one of the biggest wins of my career.”

Community and Culture Manager
Key metrics
38 out of 40 HOTH employees actively use their Zestful cards.
Full roll-out took 10 days, from account activation to cards-in-hand.

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