Chief People Officer
Quirk Growth

See how a busy digital agency uses Zestful to keep their employees engaged and a top priority.


Employees were remote and worked across different countries and keeping people connected was difficult.

Struggling to align employees with company mission.


Use Zestful to provide each employee with the resources they need to pursue wellness and personal passions, wherever they are.

Create Zestful Goals that encourage people to buy-in to company mission and share with each other.


Employee engagement has consistenly exceeded 90% and managers can now ensure perks are being used.

Employees have stronger relationships with each other and the company leading to happier customers.

Zestful is the best tool we found to make our team feel included and connected, especially while being remote. When our team is happy, our customers are happy, and that helps me focus on growing our business.”–James Thorne, Founder & Chief People Officer, Quirk Growth

Why were you looking for a solution like this? What problem were you trying to solve?

Connection between my employees is super important. Zestful completely aligns with our company focus; when business leaders align their team with their message they become unstoppable.

Why did you decide on Zestful?

It’s just so easy to manage, especially when you can have everything automated. I love when new Goals pop-up in my app without me choosing them.

Can you share a few goals and prizes that people like most? 

A couple prizes that our team really likes is I have custom artwork from my five year old and three year old and everyone has redeemed that one. That's a fun one because it gets my family involved too. 

Another really fun prize we have is a custom rap song written and performed by me. I might have to raise the price of it because it takes some time and now everyone wants one. 

Our favorite Goals include ‘Learn something new’ or ‘Get outside’ or ‘What are you cooking’ and anything that you get to do with family or friends. 

I felt connected to Zestful’s mission because this tool is designed to create stronger teams through friendships. It’s been proven time and again that coworkers who communicate regularly produce better work because they’re invested in their company.

Chief People Officer
Key metrics
100% of the company was using Zestful within the first week
Each employee averages 15 posts per month

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