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How a fully remote company increased sales by 350% after implementing Zestful


Employees were remote and worked across different countries and keeping people connected was difficult.

Increasing productivity output and peer-to-peer engagement across a fully remote team


Use Zestful to provide each employee with the resources they need to pursue wellness and personal passions, wherever they are.

Create Goals in Zestful that tie to business activities and encourage workers to in a public newsfeed


Employee engagement has consistenly exceeded 90% and managers can now ensure perks are being used.

Sales have increased every month, team members are motivated and excited to connect with each other

Why were you looking for a solution like this? What problem were you trying to solve?

We were hoping to create more team unity and bring people together, especially in the tough times everybody has had in 2020. It's been an up and down from the political landscape, and we see a division in the country. We're in different states all across the US, a lot of people haven't met in person, so we wanted something to bring our team together. The ultimate goal was to make sure our teams felt like they were part of the community and we wanted to reward them for contributing.

Why did you decide on Zestful? 

We love that Zestful gives us the opportunity to both build a stronger community and culture across our remote workers and incentivize individuals to be more productive in growing the business. 

The setup was incredibly easy. I think it took maybe 15 minutes with one of my partners to come up with exactly how we were going to use it and put it together. On top of promoting a community across our workforce, we wanted to encourage individual business activities that would bring in more sales and help us achieve our annual growth goals. 

How do you use Zestful? 

We use Zestful to keep our fully remote workers connected to each other and the business. Zestful has been integral in keeping our culture top of mind and reinforcing our values every day. 

Our Goals within Zestful are aimed towards culture engagement and productivity. We really enjoy the Auotpilot Goals that Zestful automatically uploads into our account every week. Things from share a favorite book/movie to your favorite vacation encourage team members to strike up conversations, which lead to friendships. Our business Goals like attend a monday meeting or submit a deal have really helped us achieve our business growth goals for the year. 

Can you share a few goals and prizes that people like most? 

We have two favorite prizes among our team members. Our most redeemed prize is $10 Starbucks gift card, but our favorite prize is a $500 cash bonus. 

What were some key results that you’ve seen? 

After first signing up for Zestful, we had roughly 50% adoption and usage rate. Once we started to incorporate fun Goals and Prizes, our adoption rate went to more than 90% in a matter of weeks. 

Thanks to our business-oriented Goals, we have grown our business 350% since we started using Zestful. Every single month we’re getting more and more deals, even during traditionally slow months we’re setting records. 

Is there anything else you’d like to share or think people should know? 

Zestful didn’t create culture for us. We worked really hard defining what our company values would be and the workforce we wanted to attract. Once that was in place, we used Zestful to make living those values fun and easy. We want our remote teams to have fun with each other and become stronger units. Zestful has been a critical component to creating our great culture. 

Key metrics
Increased sales 350% within two months
90% adoption among remote workers within one month

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