Upcoming Zestful Billing Cycle Dates

Zestful works on a month-to-month scheduling system, making it easy for companies to manage their monthly accounting and finances. Because of this we have some important dates and deadlines you should be aware of to make your account process seamless.

September 25th

Deadline to add new team members
New team members must be added and approved before this date to use Zestful starting in October.
Allowance collected for October
Zestful will collect the total potential allowance that could be used in October.
(Active Employees x Monthly Allowance) - Allowance Remaining From Previous Month

October 1st

New cards are ready to be activated
New Zestful cards can be activated and used immediately.
Allowances are ready to be used
Allowances are reset back to their full amounts, and employees can start using their allowances on any product in Zestful.
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