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James T
Quirk Growth

"Zestful is the best tool we found to make our team feel included and connected, especially while being remote."

Sarah C
Marketing Coordinator

“Simple, easy to use. It's a great way to give thanks to a colleague, especially at a remote company.”

Claudia V
Product Consultant

“Zestful is so much fun to use and gives you the flexibility to offer employees new ways to feel rewarded and recognized!"

Joey M
Product Designer

“I love that Zestful gives us so many ways to spend our reward money on all my favorite stuff!"

Colin P

“It just works :) This seems simple, but a product that just works is a bit of a miracle in this day and age."


What happens if I want to cancel?

Not a problem, there are no long-term commitments or complicated contracts. If you decide that Zestful isn't right for you, you can easily cancel your account from your dashboard at any time.

Can I change my plan later on?

Absolutely. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.

How will I know if employees are actually using Zestful?

Great question! Engagement is easy to view as completed Goals are automatically posted into a shared activity feed for everyone to enjoy.

When do I get charged?

Your account is charged on the first of every month, after your free trial ends. Any users added within the month (since the last charge), will be pro-rated for the next month based on their number of days in Zestful.

I added a credit card. Do I still get to enjoy my free trial?

Yes, even after you add a credit card, you will be able to continue to benefit from the free trial.

What size company do we need to be to use Zestful?

We have teams in the thousands, as well as teams under ten. Zestful is the perfect perk solution for companies of any size.

Is there a minimum commitment?

Nope! You can cancel Zestful at any time, and any remaining allowance will be sent back to your bank account.

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