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What is Zestful?

The ultimate employee perk solution.

Imaging giving your team access to all their favorite products (Airbnb, Spotify, local gyms, event tickets...) without a reimbursement process.

That's what we're creating here at Zestful. The ultimate employee perk solution, without all the hassle and pain.

How it Works

Set an Allowance

Set a monthly allowance for your team to use on their favorite products. Our catalog includes everything from entertainment, to fitness, to education.

View the Catalog

Each employee receives a Zestful card.

It works just like any regular spending card except it can only be used on products in Zestful and only up to the allowance set.

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Track and monitor program success - without a clunky reimbursement process.

Track transactions and engagement data in real time. No expense reports. No reimbursement process.

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Why this Matters

Your employees want this. Really.

Zestful started because of a simple survey we sent out in Spring of 2018. The survey was sent to over 10,000 employees working at companies big and small across the country. It had only one question: "Which would you rather have?"

The options were $130k salary or $100k salary and a bunch of perks (we hide the monetary value, but it was ~$6k).

$130k Salary
$100k Salary +

The results were incredible. 80% of the thousands that responded preferred the lower salary with the perks, even though the difference in value was nearly $20,000. (Crazy!)

$100k + Perks
$130k Salary
In summation: You can make employees happier AND save tens of thousands each year by using Zestful. Crazy, right?
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A happier, more productive Noticed

A happy employee at Noticed can contribute $33,000 to the bottom line. Whereas an unhappy employee could cost $54,000 per year... That's a total spread of $87,000 per year.

This means that Zestful pays for itself if only one of the following happens

  • 1 employee decides not to leave the company because of Zestful.
  • 1 employee becomes more engaged (sad to happy) because of Zestful.
  • 1 valuable employee joins the team because of Zestful.
Happy Employee vs Unhappy Employee
64% less likely to leave
the company
12% more productive
28.4% fewer sick days
37% more successful in sales
14% better customer satisfaction scores
26% fewer mistakes
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Create an absolutely amazing culture with Zestful.

Give your employees rewards to spend on all of their favorite things.
Next Steps

Create the perfect perk and reward program

Mix and match between our three different programs to create the best fit for you.


We have a lot in store for you, here are just a few of the features we have.


Seriously Easy

We've set out to create the easiest to use perk and rewards program on the planet. Check.

No Reimbursements

Eliminate that time-consuming reimbursement process - Zestful automates it for you.

Custom Catalog

Customize which specific product or categories your team can use their money on (e.g. Fitness and Wellness)


Give a recurring allowance that your employees can use every month. For example, $50/mo.

Bonuses / Rewards

Easily give one-off rewards and bonuses that will appear directly in their Zestful account.


Easily manage different teams and groups that have different settings assigned to their account(s).

Peer to Peer

Allow employees to give Rewards to each other for a job well done!

Export / Reports

Quickly export spending reports for individual employees, teams or the entire company.

Auto-Rewards for Birthdays + Anniversaries

Zestful can automatically give a bonus on birthdays/anniversaries.

1,000+ products.
More added daily.

All your favorites

With services like Spotify, Netflix, Postmates, Apple and more, there's bound to be something for you.

Local products

Use your Zestful card at your local favorites like coffee shops, restaurants, gyms and more.

Request new products

Have a favorite product or service that isn't in Zestful? Let us know, and we can add it within 24 hours.
Browse the Catalog
Warby Parker
Remaining Balance
on All Products
on Fitness and Health
on Education
on Food and Drink

Cards with super powers

Each employee receives both a physical card and a virtual card to use their Zestful balance on.

Smart balances

Zestful cards work just like any other debit card except they only work on specific products and only up to the balances you set.

Eliminate the reimbursement process

With the Zestful cards there's no reimbursement process, saving everyone time and headache.

Why it Matters

Employee turnover is one of the biggest opportunity costs affecting companies today, and we can help.

80% of employees preferred more perks over a higher salary.
Source: Zestful
Companies that invest in employee happiness are 4x more profitable.
Source: HBR
70% of employees strongly agree fringe benefits are important when deciding where to work (and for how long).
Source: Zenefits
A happy employee at Noticed can contribute $44,000 to the bottom line. Whereas an unhappy employee could cost $72,000 per year... That's a total spread of $116,000.
(Assuming a salary of
Source: WSJ
68% think "work perks" are just as important as health coverage.
Source: Zenefits
Companies that invest in employee happiness
‍hire 150% faster.
Source: HBR



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