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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We have (most) of the answers.

How does Zestful work?

First you pick your budget and how often you want to do an activity (monthly or quarterly), then each month/quarter your team(s) vote on what they want to do. We'll handle the rest!

What kind of activities does Zestful have?

We work to curate the most unique and exciting activities in every region we serve. While many are common, our bread and butter are unique activities that aren’t as easily found by your casual google search. We try to find things that will help your team discover new hobbies and bond over a novel shared experience. Don’t see something you like? Let us know! We’re always looking for new ideas and adding new activities.

How does pricing work?

The price of your plan includes everything! We keep pricing simple and consistent, so that you can plan against your budget. We work with our vendors to get exclusive deals based on the business we give them.

How does payment work?

You don’t have to pay until you book an event. We’ll charge you based off of the final headcount on your event, or more if additional people show up and the vendor’s costs increase. We charge at the end of the RSVP date, based on when the vendor needs a final headcount. No need to worry about anything at the event! We work with the vendor to make payment seamless so you can focus on the fun.

We also offer a 10% plan discount for companies that pay upfront annually, and a 5% plan discount for those that do upfront quarterly.

What happens if people don't attend?

Not a problem! We only charge for the final headcount we deliver to the vendor, based off of the RSVPs of your team.

What if I don't want to do an event every month or quarter?

Pick your own speed! We can work with you to create a plan with a different interval, and you can always opt to skip a specific event. Just select that event within your dashboard, and click the “skip” option, and we’ll wait until your next interval to start a vote!

What if we want to do an event with just certain people, or with everyone?

Zestful supports teams! By default, everyone you invite to the platform is on your company’s “team”. Additionally, you can create specific teams for groups that do their own events within your organization (e.g. Sales team, marketing team). Head over to your dashboard and select “manage teams” to set up the group you need.

What if we want to do an event instead of (or in addition to) our subscription?

Just let us know! We often do concierge and one-off events for our subscription customers, and are actively working to make it an easier option within the dashboard.

What if I don't want my team to vote?

If you like to take the wheel, Zestful’s got your back. Just let us know what event you want for your interval, and we’ll bypass the voting and book you directly.

Why shouldn’t I just plan my own events?

We’d sure hate to see you go! Zestful works with vendors to get competitive rates, due to our traffic. We also enable you to stay right on your budget, while having certified-fresh, USDA-prime activities delivered to your team regularly. Most importantly, we save you the time it takes to find, schedule, vote, book, and collect feedback for any events! So listen to your heart, but remember us fondly if the headaches or indirect costs start to pile up.

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