Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Zestful work?

Zestful is a marketplace of team activities. We help you browse curated team activities in your area and book them with a single click. We make coordinating events simple, by managing RSVPs, sending out reminders and updates, and allowing you to chat directly with the vendor, all on one page (or Slack). We negotiate competitive packages with our vendors, and handle payment between you and the vendor, so there's no need to stress during the event. Teams can book directly with Zestful, or companies can allocate a regular budget for their team to use as credits.

Teams within Airbnb, Twitter, Zenefits, Cruise use Zestful every month to find and book team activities.

Are you event planners?

We're glad you asked - No, we are not event planners. Zestful is an online tool that helps you find and book activities for you and your teams. We provide ample support and an intuitive platform for events, but we are not concierge planners.

How much does Zestful cost?

Zestful is free to use. You only pay for the activities themselves. All of our pricing includes taxes, tips, and any fees, so it's easy to stay on budget. Our fee is already baked in to the cost, and we negotiate pricing with vendors for larger groups.

How does payment work?

Once you've requested an event, we require a credit card on file to hold your booking. About five days before the event we'll confirm the final headcount and cost. No need to worry about anything during the event! We work with the vendor to make payment seamless so you can focus on the fun, and send you a receipt after it's over.

What kind of activities does Zestful have?

We work to curate the most unique and exciting activities in every region we serve. Where possible, we work with vendors to make exclusive packages. While many are common, our bread and butter are unique activities that aren’t as easily found by your casual google search. You can browse local activities here for free.

How does enterprise payment work?

We take a deposit of the full potential allowance and hold it to be used throughout the quarter, for your teams to spend on their team outings. We also provide discounts for upfront payments beyond this required deposit amount.

What if we want to do an event with just certain people, or with everyone?

Zestful supports teams and entire company events! By default, everyone you invite to the platform is on your company’s “team”. Additionally, you can create specific teams for groups that do their own events within your organization (e.g. Sales team, Marketing team).

Why can't my teams just do their own events?

Our goal is to make the process easier by providing options, helping your teams find and track their favorites, and removing the time and pain in planning events. Our product manages everything from browsing team-specific activities, polling teammates, to sending RSVPs, automating reminders, and vendor communication and payment. Even if these are things you enjoy doing internally, Zestful can make it easier for you to manage. After your events are done, we'll automatically gather feedback from your teams, and show you important information on engagement, and event quality. We also have competitive packages with many vendors, making it no more costly to use Zestful than doing it on your own.

Why do you suggest quarterly?

Studies show that regular team outings are the most effective way to improve engagement and culture. It's enough time so that it doesn't feel like too much, but close enough together to work as regular engagement for your teams.


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