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February 19, 2019
Mat Vogels

Solving perks for remote employees and teams

An employee perks program can be difficult and time consuming to manage. Zestful is an incredible solution for your employee perks program.

Everyone loves workplace benefits, right?! Whether it be a gym membership, pizza Fridays, in-office yoga once a month, stipends for outdoor activities, or perks for traveling, employees love these opportunities and extras that employers provide. Sometimes, it can mean the difference between keeping or losing an employee.

In fact, according to HR Dive, 68 percent  of employees believe that perks in their workplace are just as important as traditional benefits, such as medical and dental coverage. So believe it or not, the small perks can make all the difference in retaining good people.

However, we’re in the middle of a workplace revolution: employers are starting to push employees to work from home. There are many reasons for this shift and while this is an exciting move, it comes with a list of challenges.

One of these challenges is running and managing an employee perks program. There are a number of factors stopping remote employees from taking full advantage of any such program.


Everyone is busy, and time is a precious asset to any employee or employer. It can be extremely time-consuming to create and manage a traditional employee perks program. From having employees submit requests to the drawn-out process of receiving a reimbursement, time spent on administration is often a reason for remote employees not to use any of the great perks their job offers them.

We’re all trying to save time where we can, and remote workers are certainly in the same boat—it’s probably a large part of the reason they have made such arrangements. Perks are there for your valuable employees to use; let’s make it easier not harder.


Free Pizza Fridays is a great idea, but not much of a perk for those who work remotely. Having a pet-friendly office is awesome as well, but your remote colleagues don’t get to enjoy all the puppies running around the office.

As more companies are beginning to have employees transition to working from home, there hasn’t been a great solution for keeping remote employees included. Nearly 4 million Americans are working from home, and that number is only going to grow. Inclusion is difficult with employees spread across the world, but it can be done with a product like Zestful.


Many think that employee engagement is reflected simply in employee happiness, but that’s just a part of the equation. Employee engagement is all about the emotional connection to the work employees are doing.

According to Forbes, only 15% of employees are actively engaged in their workplaces. And a poorly managed and difficult-to-use employee perks program could make this number fall even lower.

Employees shouldn’t only be involved in their own work and responsibilities: they should be involved with the company as a whole—and working remotely can make this even more tricky. A perks program can keep your employees in the office and abroad connected to the workplace.

Despite the vast amount of known benefits that working remotely offers, there aren’t many options for an employee perks program for remote employees. However, Zestful can be the supporting software that you need, managing perks for your employees regardless if they’re in London, New York, Bali, or Los Angeles. With no reimbursement process, customizable benefits, and no need for ties to a specific location, Zestful is a fantastic employee perks program solution for employers of all kinds.

Learn more about our business and see how we can help you to provide the best for all of your employees, both remote and in the office!

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