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December 5, 2019
Kate Marshall

Podcast: Incentives & Productivity, Clap for Emails

When was the last time your CEO gave you a round of applause for sending an email? 


That’s what I thought. 

But as silly as it sounds for a CEO to walk around clapping for everybody, what if that kind of attitude is EXACTLY what companies need?

To acknowledge behaviors instead of just outcomes?

On this episode of the Perks Series on the Crafting Culture podcast, I talked about:

  • The link between incentives and productivity, 
  • Why a simple “thank you” might just be what your culture needs, and 
  • The three things you can look for as a CEO or leader to instill this culture at your organization. 

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Zestful: recognize and reward your employees—minus the admin work.


Kate Marshall: While stipends and gift cards are awesome for going above and beyond for your team, if it's not in the budget now fear not all employees want is to feel valued.

Announcer: You are listening to crafting culture a podcast dedicated to helping CEOs, people Ops, and HR teams create an incredible company culture. If you're looking for inspiration, practical advice, or tangible examples of what great culture looks like then you've come to the place. So let's get into the show. 

Kate: Welcome back to Crafting Culture. My name is Kate Marshall and the Head of Content at Zestful and the host of the perk series for crafting culture. Today we'll be talking about the connection between incentives and productivity. 

Happy employees are up to 20% more productive than unhappy employees. But you already knew that didn't you. Honestly it's kind of a no-brainer. There are studies upon studies that prove workplace incentives help increase employee productivity, but at what cost? A lot of the programs that companies put into place and up weighing way too heavily on the people who have to manage those programs, and that's not cool. The admin work is real and for some people that's enough to say no thanks to the kinds of incentives that will ultimately lead to more engagement and productivity. 

Obviously tools like Zestful nudge nudge make that a lot easier for companies, but the best incentives don't always have to cost money for me the ownership that I feel I have in a company. The more ownership I feel I have in a company the harder I want to work to make sure we succeed and a huge part of that is the recognition that I receive not only for the outcomes of my efforts, but for the behaviors that support those outcomes. So let me say that again for the people in the back. Recognize behaviors not just outcomes and recognize them often. For those of you out there who are CEOs or people at professionals at startups, these are the behaviors to look out for. One is just showing up when your team members regularly show up at. Team outings outside meetups or panels another, you know, small events. That's a really good sign and should be recognized and it may seem really small but taking the time out of their day to spread the word about your company makes a really big impact for your business. Even if you can't measure it. Not everything is measurable. So remember that. 

And sharing it takes an incredible amount of vulnerability for someone on your team to share something that matters to them. Whether it's meeting a potential client, implementing a new tool, or writing a fun line of code. Celebrate the small wins just as much as you celebrate the big ones and you are sure to see success. It's a regular occurrence for our CEO to clap for me and my team members when we do super small things like publishing a blog post or sending an important email and yes, he literally claps for us. And that feels really really good. It makes me feel like I want to do everything I can to invest in our Collective success. 

So while stipends and gift cards are awesome for going above and beyond for your team, if it's not in the budget now don't worry about it. All employees want is to feel valued and when they feel valued they'll work smarter and harder to make sure all boats rise. 

If we're not connected already. I love to get to know you connect with me on LinkedIn by searching Kate Marshall Zestful and I'll pop up. Oh and if you're not already subscribed to Crafting culture go ahead and hit that subscribe button wherever you listen to your podcasts. 

Announcer: 53% of employees today say having fringe benefits at work increases in our quality of life. And when you get to say goodbye to the reimbursement process your quality of life increases too. Zestful consolidates employee perks rewards and recognition all into one easy to use platform. See a special sneak peek of what your company can gain from zestful is employee perk software by visiting zestful dot com slash crafting culture. That's Z E S T F U L dot com slash crafting culture. Thanks for listening to crafting culture from Swedish Meia. Whether it's at the office or at home, here's to getting better every single day. Let's never stop learning. 

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